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Large selection of coffee tables

At ModernRoom you will find a large selection of coffee tables for your home. Do you want a round table, square table or square table? With us you will find it all. We have coffee tables from brands such as Bloomingville and House Doctor, brands that are known for their good quality furniture and beautiful design. At ModernRoom we guarantee good quality of all products also our great coffee tables.

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1 399,00 DKK

Rundt sort sofabord fra Present Time , i poleret stål ,med glas på bordpladen. Smart stilrent bord i bakkeform.Mål ; D 59 cm H 42 cmLeveringstid 1-2 uger

1 499,00 DKK

Flot rundt sofabord fra Present Time. i sort metal og glas. Yderst elegangt bord som passer godt ind i det skandinaviske hjem.Mål :D 60 cm H 46 cm Leveringstid 1-2 uger

3 599,00 DKK

Mill spisebord fra Bloomingville. Stilrent  spisebord med hvid bordplade og brune jern ben.Mål: L 150 H 73 B 90 MDF Bordplade og Jern Ben 50 kg. Leveringstid 1-2 uger

Viser 1 - 3 af 3 produkter

Coffee tables are no longer just a table you have standing in the living room by your sofa, it has become an important part of the decor. You can also use your coffee table as a bedside table, side table, work desk or play table for the little ones. Place your coffee table in front of your sofa, next to your sofa or just in the area around your sofa. The coffee table is actually one of the furniture you cannot do without in your home, it would make your living room empty. Investing in a delicious coffee table will bring joy to your home for many years to come.

Coffee tables provide comfort and personality to your home

Your coffee table sets the mood in your living room, it creates cosiness and togetherness and it can give your home a whole new look. Coffee tables can also be changed over time, so you feel you have a whole new living room instead of just a new coffee table, it will change your whole décor. Place fresh flowers on the coffee table, or equip some decorative coffeetable books to give your coffee tables some personality. The coffee table is the meeting point in the living room, and this is where you sit and enjoy a Friday night, the coffee table you use to set your coffee cup, candy bowl, wine glass or the book you read. It is important that the coffee table is the size you need

What color / metal should your coffee table have ?

It can be difficult to choose which color coffee table to choose and whether it should be black, silver, brass, marble or blue. It is a good idea to evaluate what colors you otherwise have in your home, for the coffee table to fit into the room. A neutral coffee table goes well for a colorful home, but if you have a very sterile home, a brass coffee table can give it the right look.  

Want to eat at your coffee table ?

You have to consider whether you will be able to eat your dinner at the coffee table every now and then, because if you want it, don't choose a coffee table with borders on it. At the same time, you only have to settle for just one coffee table, and do not put two coffee tables together, which otherwise look super nice, but it is not super practical if you want to be able to eat at the coffee table.

Have you had children ?

Children and coffee tables can be a dangerous combination, so when children come into the picture, consider the situation of the coffee tables. Is there even more height on the coffee table so that the little heads can't get their fingers in everything that is on the coffee table? It's worth considering, and maybe it should be a coffee table without edges so they can't stand and hold on to the table